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      1 product

      Design your own stickers with help from Stalama AB

      We produce messages that sticks with your customers. Whether you need Whether you need kisscut decals for vehicles, shopwindows or a TexFlex for your tshirt, you can design your own stickers with the help from Stalama AB. Stickers that do your brand justice. 

      Thanks to our digital and advanced cutting machines from Zund and Summa, we can kisscut text and figure-cut stickers that exude quality with superior precision. Forget limiting standard sizes, we can shape your stickers according to your wishes! 

      Choose your material 

      The choice of material when designing your own stickers determines the properties of the decal and what impression you want it to make. Below are some examples of our selection of materials: 

      • Metallic silver
      • White
      • Chrome
      • Brushed chrome
      • Transparent
      • Reflex
      • Colored foil

      If you want your stickers with or without laminate are up to you. However, it is worth mentioning that laminate-decorated decals have much longer durability. 

      Need guidance in choosing materials? We guide you right based on purpose and wishes!  

      Discover exclusive 3D stickers

      Send us your stickers for domeservice. We at Stalama AB can upgrade your stickers by adding an effective and exclusive 3D surface in the form of a dome material. Wow factor promised! 

      Choose a manufacturer that knows their thing

      Stalama AB has been producing exclusive product labels since 1974. In other words, when you design your own stickers with us, you get a manufacturer with unique experience and deep knowledge. Small or large orders, for small or large companies, we are used to all types of assignments. 

      From idea to finished product, contact us and we will help you all the way. This is facilitated because we have full control over the manufacturing process at our factory in Sweden and can guarantee short delivery times. 

      Stalama - Making YOUR BRAND visible