Prepare what you are going to mount and what you are going to install it on. Clean the surface thoroughly, we recommend Surface Cleaner from Avery Dennison and lint-free cloths.

If there's glue residue from old stickers, we recommend using Adhesive Remover from Avery Dennison, all products can be found in our web shop.

Preparation of the sticker

Prepare the installation of the sticker by ensuring that the mounting foil is properly pushed down over the entire mark.

This is most easily done by using a scraper from our web shop and firmly bringing it over the surface of the sticker, be extra careful at edges and corners.


Removal of the backpaper

Turn the sticker over so you have the backingpaper facing you and gently pull off the backingpaper.

We recommend pulling off the backingpaper at an angle, as it facilitates removal. If any part of the sticker still remains on the backingpaper, gently slide the backingpaper back over that part and press firmly with one finger.


When the backingpaper has been removed, it is time for assembly.

Start on one side and hold the other end over the surface to avoid air bubbles and move the scraper over the entire sticker slowly and carefully.

If the sticker is very large, we recommend that you start by moving the scraper along the middle of the sticker.

Removal of mounting foil

Now it's time for the final step: to remove the mounting foil from the sticker. We recommend starting from one corner and pulling it at an angle down to the opposite corner.

Pull off the mounting foil near the surface to prevent the sticker from coming off, which can easily happen if you pull straight up when the sticker havent had time to adhere to the surface.


Now you have a mounted sticker without air bubbles, well done!