FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Is something unclear? Below we have answered some of the most common questions we receive.

All production takes place in our premises in Öje, Dalarna.

Our standard foil attaches very well on most surfaces. For more difficult surfaces, such as powder coated, or oily plastics we recommend using one of our extremely adhesive foils from 3M. Feel free to ask if you are unsure and we will help you!

Before submitting stickers to us, it is important to consider the following:

- All sheets must be the same size because we make a computerized path that our machine will follow. If the sheets differ from each other, the dome material will overflow.

- The sheets must have the same layout and if the number of decals on the sheets is greater than 12 on the short side, there must be an even number. The next step would be 14 followed by 16 and so on. This is because we have a maximum of 12 nozzles when we coat the stickers with the dome coating. 

- Our dome trolleys can take sheets that are a maximum of 350x500 mm.

- The distance between the stickers must be at least 3 mm

- We need a gripping surface of 1 cm around the sheet.

- Rounded corners, we generally use 1.5 mm in radius. 

- If it is a special foil that is to be used, consult us first as not all materials can be dome coated.

We want the file formats: PDF, Ai or EPS and we want all print files to be vectorized.

If the print file is not vectorized, it will have a negative effect on the end result and a vector-based print file can be increased and decreased in size without reducing the quality.

We always send a proof of approval before production on new orders.

As we handle all production ourselves in-house, we are in full control.
If you have a project that is very urgent, get in touch and we will do our best to solve this for you in time!

Our normal delivery time is about 10 working days for stickers (with or without laminate) and domelabels. The delivery time on EcoDome and TexFlex is normally 10-15 working days, if it is more urgent it can usually be solved.

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