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      2 products

      Dome decals in 3D = wow factor! 

      Do you think that your usual stickers do not floor the viewer enough? We have the solution. Dome decals, or epoxy decals as they are also called, with their unique 3D properties give your decals a luster and depth that other product labels lack.

      The secret? Our dome decals are made of the lavish material glass-clear mercury-free polyurethane plastic. A material that is known for its long durability and does not yellow over time like epoxy does. 

      Set them up wherever you want. The tailor-made dome decals are self-adhesive with an adhesive that can withstand both indoor and outdoor environments. In fact, the bottom of the dome decals can withstand temperatures between -40 and +150 degrees.  

      Dear children have many names, so do our Domedekaler.

      We call this product Domedekaler while our dear customers call them everything from Dometags to Alfadomes.

      What material do you want? 

      The choice of material is important when ordering dome decals for the company. Not sure which way to go? We guide you through the following selection: 

      • Metallic Silver
      • White
      • Chrome
      • Transparent
      • Reflex
      • Colored foil

      Resistant to UV light

      Sunlight is not usually the decal's best friend, with our domematerial this is not a problem anymore. An advantage of domelabels is the self-healing surface in mercury-free polyurethane plastic which makes the product resistant to UV light. So you do not have to worry about the decal fading after prolonged use. 


      Do you sit on decals that needs a facelift? Send the stickers to us in sheet form for 3D processing! Our domeservice is a flexible service for companies that have manufactured a large number of decals but do not themselves have the opportunity to perform a dome coating. 

      The reliable family business 

      Stalama is the family company from Dalarna, Sweden that has been manufacturing product labels since 1974. Today we hold the position as one of the country's leading manufacturers and we still have our entire production in Sweden. Our many returning customers choose us time and time again because we can always guarantee a painless manufacturing process and delivery capability. Responsiveness, flexibility and service are important parts of our offering.

      Our long experience means that no customer or order is too big or small. We are experts in translating your visual identity into exclusive product labels. Print, material or size - there are no limits to what we can produce. 


      Stalama - Making YOUR BRAND visible