Domedekaler på borstadkrom
Domedekaler på vit folie.
Domedekaler på silverfolie.


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Domelabels - Stickers with a luxurious look.

We offer stylish 3D stickers, also called domelabels or epoxy decals. They give luster and depth through the elevated design and the lavish material. The surface of our domelabels is made of glass-clear mercury-free polyurethane plastic which is very durable, and which, unlike epoxy, does not yellow over time. A good choice when you care about style and durability.

These domelabels are self-adhesive with adhesives that can withstand indoor and outdoor use for up to seven years. The bottom can withstand temperatures between - 40 and + 150 degrees, and is available with the following materials:

  • metallic
  • White
  • chrome
  • transparent
  • Reflex
  • colored foils

The self-healing surface in mercury-free polyurethane plastic can withstand UV light without fading. It is also the material that creates the stylish 3D effect. Look at the pictures for example.


Our products have many nicknames;

We call this product Domelabels while our dear customers call them everything from Dometags to Alfadomes.


What do our customers say?


We appreciate the cooperation with Stalama AB as they have good quality and fast delivery!

tryck egna klistermärken
Elisabeth Lärka
Planner, Åkerströms Björbo AB

Always nice to deal with Stalama - they have a personal and careful touch and delivers on time. We can really recommend Stalama!

tryck egna klistermärken
Anders Påhlsson
Topofmind Reklambyrå
tryck egna klistermärken

We bring your idea to life

Printing your own stickers has never been easier. From rough idea to finished product - Stalama helps you all the way.

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