About EAB

EAB is a family-owned company located in Smålandsstenar, where we honestly have all construction, production and development under our own roof. We work with three product areas: warehouse fittings, gates and steel buildings. Since the start in 1957, we have grown as steadily and stably as our solutions. Today you will find our warehouse fittings, gate systems and steel buildings all over the world.


A solution from EAB is made to last for decades, without a best-before date. Real materials, high customer adaptation and reliable construction are the simple but honest reasons. A little unassumingly, we call it Småland's sustainability.


With glowing commitment and entrepreneurial spirit, EAB will sell, design, manufacture and assemble warehouse fittings, gates and steel buildings adapted to our customers' specific needs and with a recognized high quality. Every customer should be a satisfied customer.

This is what EAB say about the collaboration:

"We are very pleased with our collaboration with Stalama."

- Kajsa Andersson, Business Area Manager Gates

EAB Kundcase

EAB - Stalama kundcase
Website address: https://www.eab.se/